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Scottsdale Headshot Reviews

I am not one to relish having my face captured on camera. David made the process professional; even managing to make my mug appear better than it does in person... So thank you David for putting my best face forward...

client testimonial



David will make you look better than you ever thought you could! He is a true artist and it is reflected in his work. He is an excellent coach during the photo session and guides you to capture the perfect image of you! I highly recommend David Lee at Paparazzo Film...


Interior Decorator

David is absolute magic with a camera! Not only does he make the experience fun and relaxing, but he guides you to capture the very best image...Outstanding experience- we are already booked for additional portraits.


Chief Marketing Officer

Literally the best experience I have ever had with a photographer! I have been receiving an endless amount of compliments on the headshot photograph I got at Paparazzo Film!


Arizona Governer's Youth Commisioner

David is not only a truly remarkable photographer, he is an artist and an individual who cares greatly about the product of his labor and his customers. The dude is a craftsman; and sincerely desires that you cherish the end results.



David makes you feel like a supermodel for the day and just gorgeous; he has that magic touch! I highly recommend for anyone wanting exceptional quality photos.